What We Offer

Superior Value

Riverland Homes builds houses that are designed to deliver superior value to our home buyers. More often than not this includes:

  • Lower price per square foot than competing new home projects
  • Established communities
  • No HOA
  • Larger lot sizes
  • Modern home design
  • Same new home features as other homebuilders, often at better prices

Quality Construction

At each stage of the construction process, our experienced team is there to ensure that all of our homes are built with quality workmanship and materials. We take pride in the quality of our homes and insist that our subcontractors do also. Our team inspects each home at every stage of construction.

Customer Service

Our relationship with buyers does not end at the final walkthrough. For every house we sell, we offer a 1-year fit and finish warranty. In addition to our one year fit and finish warranty, various other warranties are included ranging from 1 to 10 years. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we have you covered. There really is a good reason to buy new!

Our customer service and warranty program are overseen directly by our President and COO. Our warranty manager walks through every home before closing and personally endeavors to make sure our buyers are well taken care of.

Energy Efficiency

Riverland Homes’ new homes are designed and constructed to provide energy-efficiency. This means less energy is used to help keep your home comfortable. Energy-efficient features include:

  • Homes are pre-plumbed for a Recirculation Pump and use Tankless Water Heaters – these save money and energy by recirculating hot water back to your faucets and showers and operating only when needed during high usage times. This feature is generally available only in custom homes but is a standard feature with our homes.
  • Superior wall and attic insulation – including foam insulation sealing of wall penetrations and at the sill plate-foundation interface.
  • SmartVent® System – improves air quality by allowing stale indoor air to be exhausted and cools your attic by purging hot attic air with spent indoor air. This reduces the need to run your air conditioner and saves you money.
  • Energy Star® LED Light Fixtures – stylish, long-lasting, energy-efficient and safer to use than traditional lighting. Standard occupancy sensors and dimmer switches increase your energy savings.
  • Vinyl Dual Pane Windows and Sliding glass doors – extremely durable, non-corroding, exceptionally energy efficient.
  • High-efficiency Heater – Energy Star® qualified for smart energy use with programmable thermostat (two thermostats in two-story homes.)
  • Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing – (California Title 24 Compliant) Prevents up to 97% of radiant heat from entering the attic, maintaining a temperature that is 30% cooler. It can reduce summer cooling costs by 20% and there are less wear and tear on HVAC equipment.
  • Third-party inspection – You can be confident that our energy efficiency features will provide for your comfort and save you money on monthly energy costs, all while conforming to the best practices and required standards in the industry.

Green Building Practices

Riverland Homes uses a “best practice” approach to conserve our natural resources. In all of our communities, this includes:

  • Superior products to ensure that less energy is used to keep your home comfortable
  • Use of water-conserving faucets, shower heads and water closets
  • Drip irrigation on automatic sprinklers timers
  • Use of water-wise landscape plant materials
  • Fresh, filtered air ventilation system
  • Use of sustainable lumber products, including new growth material, OSB sheathing (Oriented Strand Board), OSB and plywood floor joists, laminated beams
  • Use of precision, pre-cut lumber and truss packages to reduce waste
  • Onsite recycling of waste building materials (concrete, lumber, drywall, roof tile, paint, plaster, steel, copper, aluminum, iron, plastics, cardboard & paper products, glass)
  • Pre-plumbing for recirculation pump – hot water system reduces water while waiting for hot water (California)
  • Onsite raw material recycling – Onsite manufacture of aggregate materials
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