Where We Give

Where We Give

We believe that we can build community through generosity. We support the following local and international charities:

New Hope Opportunities

This international education based Non-Profit is close to our hearts; several of our team visit and participate in the organization regularly. Through early childhood and elementary education and technical skills classes for youth and adults, New Hope Opportunities supports the underserved population in one of the poorest neighborhoods in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

“New Hope Opportunities provides programs to help children, youth and adults in our community… Our impact programs are designed to add a new positive dimension to the lives of our community. These programs are for families, children, youth and adults.”

St. John’s Program for Real Change

St. John’s Program for Real Change is the largest regional homeless shelter of its kind, featuring a 12-18 month comprehensive rehabilitative program for homeless women and their children. We support St. John’s mission to provide support, mental health services and education to homeless mothers, enabling them to heal and become independent.

“We provide more than shelter and food. We provide the ability to rise above devastating, negative elements and achieve job-readiness and self-sustainability.”

Acres of Hope

Home is more than a building. We support Acres of Hope in their mission to provide education and skills to formerly homeless women and their children, supporting the journey toward successful lives and reunited families.

“The vision of Acres of Hope is to provide a safe family environment and a healthy living program for women with children that sets the foundation of change and breaks the cycle of homelessness.”

The Gathering Inn

The Gathering Inn provides a wide variety of resources to people in the greater Sacramento area who are without homes, many of whom are vulnerable adults and children. Our team participates in regular donation drives and volunteer events.

“Our Vision is to end homelessness in our community. TGI does this by providing a ‘hand up not a hand out’ to those that we serve through shared accountability for us as staff and the homeless that we are privileged to partner with. At the end of the day, TGI exists to help our homeless achieve housing through the comprehensive services and support that we provide them during their stay with us.”

Great Cycle Challenge

Cancer takes too many young lives. We support the Great Cycle Challenge, in honor of Loren Norman.

“Our vision is a world without cancer where all kids are living life, NOT fighting for it.”