The Best things to do in Amador County

The Best things to do in Amador County

You should consider exploring everything that’s wonderful about Amador County. From outdoor adventures inside caves, wine tasting, festivals and other local events, there’s no shortage of things to do in Amador County.

Nothing can melt away the fun and joy this summer when you experience Amador County the way it was meant to be. Here are some places and events to check out.

Explore wine country

Do not go another weekend wine-less. People across Northern California flock to Amador County for award-winning wine and friendly customer service. Wine enthusiasts can enjoy a laid-back and informative tasting and shopping experience at the many wineries in this area, which includes nearly 4,000 acres of vineyards. The area is known for old vine Zinfandel, Barbera, Syrah and many others you’re sure to love.

Most of the wineries are located in the Shenandoah Valley. Visit Amador provides this handy map so you can plan out your wine excursion. Sutter Creek is a gateway to a hub of tasting rooms along Main Street. It’s easy to walk from venue to venue and soak in all the flavors, sights and sounds of historic Amador County one tasting at a time.

Escape daylight inside a cavern

Outdoor lovers have a rare opportunity in Amador County to enter into Gold Country’s limestone cavern, Black Chasm. If you dare to explore, you will get to see three chambers along the upper levels of the cavern, which is home to an inspiring formation of crystal growths and other fairy tale-like natural features.

You’ll be led by an experienced naturalist as you navigate the various platforms and stairs of Black Chasm. The 50-minute guided tour will take you into the depths of 100 feet below the surface, where the vertically oriented cavern is located. The cavern includes a blue lake in one of the chambers. Get a sense of the cave’s spectacular views here.

100th Anniversary of Argonaut Mine

Amador County is planning a diverse schedule of living history events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of California’s worst mining accident, which required a 22-day rescue mission. You’ll learn all about all the heroics of that fateful day when 47 miners became trapped.

The events begin on Aug. 27 with bell tolling at 11:30 p.m., 100 years to the minute of the accident. Organizers will lead historic tours of Argonaut Mine and Jackson’s historic cemeteries.

On Living History Day, the entire family will be transported back in time as costumed characters, lively speakers, music and cultural food vendors gather to commemorate the somber day, but also celebrate the region’s rich history and contributions. There will also be a dramatic broadcast of a historian’s real-time chronology of the disaster and rescue.

You can check out everything that’s planned for this occasion here.

Visit the Gold Rush Museum

This is a special place. The Gold Rush Museum is housed within the former home of one of the county’s founding settlers in downtown Jackson. It offers a window into the Gold Rush era through its impressive collection.

Step into history and take in an array of artifacts that date back from the county’s early days. The 15-room home is the perfect setting to view the collection, which includes exhibits about gold, fashion, Native American life, Chinese American life and sewing and quilting. You can also see a Victorian bedroom and parlor.

If you crave more history, take the short drive to the Amador Whitney Museum, which features a vintage covered wagon, schoolhouse and post office with original props.

Camp at Indian Grinding Rock

Before the Gold Rush, the region was inhabited by various indigenous people. Indian Grinding Rock, formerly home to the Miwok people, brings visitors into contact with a bygone era that predates the Gold Rush by hundreds and thousands of years. You can get an up-close look at an outcropping of nearly 1,200 rock mortars, which the park is named after. These smaller stones were used to grind acorns into food. The collection of rocks is the largest of its kind in North America.

Visitors can also embark on various hikes along the 135-acre park and absorb other sights and sounds, including acorn woodpeckers, a reconstructed village and groves of ancient valley oaks.

Don’t miss out on the Chaw’se Regional Indian Museum when you’re there. It contains one of the most extensive collections of Sierra Nevada Indian artifacts.

Amador County has a ton of fun things to do. It is yet another reason why so many love to call it home. If you are interested in a new home in Amador County, check out Hampton Village!

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